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How To: Make Heels More Comfortable

A girl has to love her heels. The instant leg lengthening and boost of confidence when you walk is the reason why they are so addicting. Step into those heels and bam! - you feel like a model ready for the runway. Although, this does come with a price. Whether they be 3 inches, 4 inches or even 7 inches - they are not always the most comfortable type of shoe. It is hard to go a full day walking in 5 inch heels, even if they are absolutely gorgeous. What some women may not know is that there are easy and simple solutions to making any heel more comfortable. With these simple tips and tricks, you will finally be able to wear those stilettos all day long!


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Some heels of any height won't be comfortable right out of the box. In their brand new state, they may feel a little stiff and hard on your feet. A good trick is to buy heels ahead of time (for example - a week before an event) and wear them around the house or somewhere you feel comfortable breaking them in. Maybe even do a little cleaning or chores around the house in them. You don't even have to get them dirty if you are walking on a clean surface and they will still look brand new for your event! This will help you practice they way you walk in them, and make them less stiff from practice wear. 

This woman even does her cooking in heels



Heel insoles are an inexpensive, easy and quick fix that can greatly improve the comfort of your heels. 



These insoles typically come with an adhesive backing and sticks directly inside your heel where the ball of foot rests in the shoe. They absorb shock from the impact of your heel to the ground due to the foam/gel material the cushion is made with. They also help with foot perspiration/sweatiness by absorbing heat, and provide added metatarsal comfort that keeps the foot from sliding forward. Gel and plastic insoles may promote foot sweat, so going with a foam smooth fabric version is a better choice. 




These insoles also typically come with an adhesive backing and sticks directly inside where the back of your ankle meets the back of the shoe. This is often a common area where the rubbing of your skin against the shoe causes blistering, pain and discomfort. These grips not only work great in heels, but you can also use these in uncomfortable flats, men's shoes and kid's shoes. These are typically made with a soft material that grips against your skin to prevent excessive rubbing, and contours to your foot to prevent your heel from slipping. These also make it easier to walk in heels and maintain your balance due to the gripping texture. 



These grips also typically come with an adhesive backing that sticks directly onto the bottom of your heel's sole. These can also be used on flats that are too slick and slippery on the bottom. These help the sole of your heels really grip into the ground rather than slip and slide on a smooth surface. 





Walking around in skyscraper stilettos is a workout for your legs! It's always a great idea to stretch out your calves and hamstrings. You can also rotate your ankles around in different directions to prepare. Walking around in a tip toe motion (like you're wearing invisible heels) while getting ready is an easy and simple exercise that will prepare your muscles for what's to come. 



There are many women who may not know that all shoe manufacturers are different and not all shoes are made the exact same size. You may be a 7 in one brand of shoes, and you may be a 7.5 in another brand due to the slight difference in brand sizing. When buying heels, make sure that they fit comfortably - not too tight and not too big. Don't only try on your size - try on a couple different sizes close to yours as well. Too tight shoes are such a pain and will rub your skin raw all day. When in doubt, go a size bigger. You can always put insoles into your heels for a better fit, and it is better to have a little wiggle room versus being way too tight. 


TIP#5 Platformed, Caged, Ankle Strapped and Chunky Heels Are Your Friend

If you commonly experience heel discomfort or have trouble with your feet lifting and sliding out of your heels, these 3 styles are perfect for you! 




Platform heels flatten out your foot more and reduce the high arch a 4-5 inch heel can make. A 2 inch platform on a 5 inch shoe is almost like walking on a 3 inch heel, that gives the appearance of a 5 inch heel . This type of heel helps you to not walk on your toes all night, and provides a bit of comfort for high heel wearers. 


Barunka Red Strappy Open Toe Chunky Platform Heel $15



Have you ever worn a pair of heels to find your foot slipping and sliding or even lifting out of the shoe as your walk? This problem is a thing of the past with the rising trend of caged and ankle strap heels. The tighter and more secure fit really helps keep your foot in place, and helps you to feel more secured and balanced in your heels. These styles are also often adjustable and you can tighten the shoe to really fit to your foot shape. 


Admire17 Nude Peep Toe Ankle Strap Platform Heel $15



Many people may not know, the skinnier the stiletto, the more painful and unstable it is. The reason a block/chunky heel is more comfortable is because you have more stability and are able to maintain your balance because you have something that is thicker and won't wobble under the weight of your foot. The wider surface supports the back of your heel much better and provides a more stable comfortable fit. 



James Skyblue Ball Chain Frayed Ankle Strap Chunky Heel $15


We hope you enjoyed this post and we hope we have been helpful in sharing these tips and tricks to make heels more comfortable. 

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